Folding Door Hardware Information

Hardware Finishes

Brushed Stainless Steel Door Hardware Stainless Steel

This goes well with many of the new finishes such as brushed nickel.

Multi-Point Lock and interior flush bolt shown.



Dark Bronze Dark Bronze Door Hardware

This finish is very dark, almost black. It is a powder coat finish over stainless steel.

Multi-Point Lock and interior flush bolt shown.



We use Centor Architectural bi-folding hardware.  This hardware carries the weight of the doors from a top track and is very easy to install and adjust.

Some manufacturers use hardware that is “Load Balancing” meaning part of the weight is carried by the header and part by the threshold.  These systems require factory trained technicians to install and adjust the doors.  With Centor hardware most carpenters can install and adjust the system.

Quality Folding Door Systems Hardware

All metal components of the rollers and hinges are Stainless Steel to hold up to any environment. The rollers have ball bearing centers with nylon perimeter to give a lifetime of smooth operation.

The rollers ride in an aluminum track at the top that is anodized bronze. The guide rollers at the bottom of the doors ride in an aluminum track incorporated into the threshold.


Centor has incorporated an easy adjustment system into all of their bi-folding products that allows the door system to be squared to the opening and adjusted in height for smooth operation. This makes installation easier. Since all structures will settle or shift with time minor adjustments can be made to keep the system working smoothly for a lifetime.

Centor has 3 series of bi-folding hardware systems:


  • Load rating of 90 lbs per door panel
  • Primarily for window or interior applications


  • Load rating of 176 lbs per door panel
  • Maximum door panel width of 39” and height of 10’


  • Load rating of 265 lbs per door panel
  • Maximum door panel width of 43” and height of 13’
  • Accommodates 2 ¼” thick

Multi-Point Lock

All systems come with the New-Breed Eagle Series made by G-U. It is a fully automatic system that engages all 3 points of contact every time the door is closed. It also incorporates a 4th point of contact with a dead bolt that is engaged when the door is locked. For more information on this lock system you may go to .

The hand set shown below is what is shipped with all systems but additional styles are available from G-U and other vendors. If you would like a different style please consult your hardware supplier.

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