Folding Door Configuration Options

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Interior/Exterior Folding Door Orientation

The configurations shown are Out-Swing systems, notice the Interior and Exterior notations on the drawings. Out-Swing systems are the best for exterior applications; however In-Swing exterior applications can be chosen in certain situations. (Please refer to Threshold Information for more details) If your application is for interior-only use, such as a room divider, the head and foot bolts are located on the interior side of the system.

Consider Functionality

Most configurations have an active door (shown with a handle on the drawing). This door serves as a traditional passage door so you want to put this door in the most convenient location.

How many doors?

The most economical systems use fewer doors and standard sizes. For instance a 12’ wide system can have 4 - 36” wide doors or 6 - 24” wide doors.  The 4 door system is going to be less expensive than the 6 door system.  Shown below are configurations using standard width doors.

Custom door sizes are also available at a slightly higher cost.          

Door Configurations

Rough Opening Heights:

  • 6/8 - 84"
  • 8/0 - 100"
  • 10/0 - 124"

folding door configurations
Weathertigh Door Configurations

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