Structural Requirements

Wall Thickness

All Weathertight systems are designed for a 2X6 wall. Thicker walls will require an upcharge.

2X4 Walls will require an interior sub-casing and the customer will need to accept this by signing off on a drawing of the interior sub-casing.

When to Install

Since the system is attached directly to the structural header it is very important to have all the structural weight on the header before installing the system.

Failure to adhere to the following guidelines will cause the doors in the system to drag on the threshold and in some cases to rest on the threshold not allowing them to open or close. This is caused not by the system failing but the structural header above the system deflecting with the additional weight and settling of the building. In some cases the header and track of the system will need to be raised for the system to function. This may require the removal of interior sheet rock and damage to the exterior finish.

Completed Roof

The completed roof must be on the building. Depending on roofing material and span of opening a roof can deflect a header by as much as 1 inch in the center.

Sheetrock & Flooring

If there is a second story directly above the opening this area should be sheet rocked or at least have the sheet rock stacked over the opening.

If the finished floor is to be tile or wood then have the flooring or materials of similar weight sitting in the room above the opening.

Open Corners

The longer you allow full construction weight to sit on an opening receiving an Open Corner unit the better. Due to the nature of these structures more deflection is experienced than with a standard opening. Full construction weight of roof, sheet rock and flooring should be on the opening at least one week prior to installation of the system.

Steel Beams

When steel beams are used above the opening it is best to apply a 2X6 to the bottom side of the beam for attachment of the header and track system. Allowances for the thickness of the 2X6 should be added to the rough opening height when setting the beam.

Concrete Recess

It is NOT necessary to allow for recesses in the concrete slab for most of the Weathertight systems. If a recess is called for by the architect or indicated on the plans please contact Door Innovations before construction.


All wood doors used in the system should be sealed within 30 days. This is VERY IMPORTANT because wood products can take on moisture in humid climates causing expansion of the doors. When there is one door in an opening it may not cause a problem but compounded over 5 or 6 doors they may no longer close properly.

Door Innovations nor its dealers will be held responsible for cost incurred when these guidelines are not followed.