Weathertight Systems Include These Components

      Centor Architectural folding door hardware in Bronze or Stainless Steel
      Multi-Point Lock on active door in Bronze or Stainless Steel

Doors are prepared for the weather strip and hardware.
They are labeled and numbered to match the installation instructions.

Thresholds are prepared for the hardware and include neoprene gaskets for each end.

Door Frame is pre-drilled to attach to the header and threshold.

Weather Strip for between each door and the door frame.

To assemble the frame
Structural screws to attach the header to structural beam
For Centor hardware

Installation Instructions specific to each system.

Frame and Threshold are in one crate built with 2x10 dimension lumber.  Size for a 12’ wide x 8’ high system would be 12” x 14” x 156”
Doors, hardware, weather strip, fasteners and instructions are in a plywood crate.  Average size is 30” x 48” x 96”
This crating system is very durable and can be shipped by truck or ocean carrier.