Door Innovation

Door Innovations

Established in 2010, Door Innovations is a client-oriented company thriving on a foundation of unparalleled quality. We put our own unique spin on the most important interior elements of all time and take it up a notch so your expectations are always surpassed. Ever since day one, Door Innovations has been dedicated to affordable luxury. We believe in adorning homes with functional and stylistic doors that not only expand the space but also tie it all together. Redesigning residential units shouldn’t come at extravagant costs and that’s the driving motive behind our passionate journey. For 12 years, we’ve stayed true to our promise and continue to go the extra mile even today.

Why Choose Us


At our company, we do not tolerate any compromises on quality. Aesthetics and durability go hand in hand which is why each of our products comes with a fool-proof 10-year warranty. Every component utilized within the design is sourced from top-tier suppliers. Rest assured, we use industry-grade hardware and glass secured with a robust seal to prevent moisture seepage.

Weather Protection

Avail optimal comfort regardless of the weather outside. Our bifold doors have the power to withstand extremely harsh conditions so you don’t feel a difference inside the house. Door Innovations specializes in smart weather protection and resilient technologies to ensure the client’s peace of mind. Needless to say, you won’t have to worry about any weather-related damage once installation is complete.

Easy Installation

Don’t have spare time to overlook lengthy installations? Or perhaps you simply don’t want to hire professional assistance at all. Our bi-fold doors can be conveniently installed by professionals and experienced homeowners alike. Clients are facilitated through a step-by-step installation guide so they can overcome any potential DIY bumps in the road with ease.

Affordable Prices

Quality doesn’t always have to be out of reach, at least not when you buy from us. We strive to offer market competitive prices that do justice to our workmanship without causing any financial inconvenience to the client. Despite lower rates, our bi-fold doors are undeniably high quality and will complement your home/business in remarkable ways. Each client is provided with a customized quote according to the scope of their requirements.

What Our Customer Have to Say